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UK retailer. Dr. Martens, New Rock footwear.
Chester Boot Shop
Dr. Marten Boots and shoes. They offer free shipping in the U.S. for orders over $129
Mary-Jane flats
What could be cooler than designing your own sneakers. You get to pick colors and patterns on different styles available.
The Dark Entry
Footwear and fetish. Also clothing.
De Mars Sexy Footwear
Shoes and boots, mostly very high heels/platforms.
Electric Chair
Dr.Martens, Creepers, Grinders, Gripfast, and a large selection of womens shoes and boots.
Fetishize Me Cotton and velvet thigh-highs, also over the knee stripy socks.
Foot Traffic
Legwear/tights in many styles and patterns. You definately should see some of these! Vertical stripe thigh highs. Skull tights. Also liquid metallic tights: these have a black base that have a metallic shimmer in silver, royal, red, purple, gold or multi.

UK New Rock footwear
Funke Feet
Nice assortment of inexpensive shoes and boots.
The Future
Dr.Marten's, T.U.K./Gripfast, Tredair shoes and boots
Got Lingerie
Affordable tights and stockings. Stripy or checkerboard tights only $2.99.
Heavenly Soles
Boots, clogs and platforms by TUK, Bastad, Gripfast, Underground, Fluevog, Muro and others. (also Vegetarian styles.) Also jewelry and accessories.
How Cool Boots & Shoes
Lots of footwear & Hosiery. Over 500 styles of shoes and boots for women. Awful customer service. Order from them with caution.
Jaded Minx
Decent selection of shoes and boots for men and women. Also some hosiery.
Kick Shoe Company
Carries Underground, New Rock, Dr. Martens, Swear and Rocket Dog brands.

Lotus Eaters
Flat maryjanes in a variety of colors and fabrics
Mary Jane Shoes
Basic flats in cotton, velvet and silk for $12-$15. They also carry the black cotton canvas kung-fu slip on shoes for $9.00 (these are great to go with period costumes for the guys as well)
Nadir Shoes
Nice selection of Mary Janes, Creepers and boots, and the prices are pretty nice too!
Natashas Cafe
Mary Jane flats in velvet & silk and greek sandals.
Pennangalan Footwear
UK site. Nice selection of goth and fetish footwear. Can search by style, height and material. They can also do made-to-measure boots to give you a perfect fit.

Sha-sha Shoes
A few neat shoes: skull jogger, tribal boots.
Mary-Jane style flats in Brocade, Cotton, Tapestry, Velvet, and Corduroy. I ordered from them, nice folks, but the shoes just have a slide buckle, no tongue buckle & a short-ish strap, so they always come unfastened when I walk.
Great prices on Doc Martens (40 - 70% off!!) with plenty of selection. I ordered from them and received my order in 2 days!
They say they have over 2000 styles of shoes, I'm not going to count them, but they certainly do have a large selection.
Footwear designed and built by Terry de Havilland. UK based company, Boots with Attitude. If you haven't seen these yet, you need to see these fabulous boots!
Underground Shoes
UK brand of footwear. Will ship worldwide.
Vegetarian Shoes
The name says it all.
Walk in the Clouds
Tights and hosiery, some unusual ones listed.
We Love Colors
Tights, thigh highs, knee hights, fishnets, socks.

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