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Red Corsets: Steel boned waist training corsets and waist cinchers with amazing fabrics, fit and unique designs. Vegan friendly! Many corsets under $100! Flat rate shipping to anywhere in the world. Orders shipped within 24 hours.
A Noir - Heavy Red
World Famous corsetry by leading Goth designer Ondine. All steel boned, waist training, unique & deathly beautiful designs.
Absolute Corsets
Some really nice designs I haven't seen elsewhere. Some gorgeous fabric and style selections.
Aesthetic Meat Factory
Unique leather corsets, Apocalyptic and fetish designs.
Affordable Corsets
Bargain corsets. Some of them look pretty good, but these are not custom fit. You can get a corset for under $150 here.
Authentic Corsets
A few dozen styles of corsets. "Off the rack" not custom. Prices okay.
Corsets for those that want the look, not for serious waist training. Prices very affordable. These folks have had some decent reviews on the agf newsgroup.
Azrael's Accomplice
Corsetry, cloaks, dresses, skirts, tops, custom costumes, accessories and clothing for men
UK site offering traditional backlacing corsets
Nice batwing corset and skull print corset. Priced reasonable.
Brute Force Leather
Corsets in leather and brocade. Some great brocades like spiderweb and scull and crossbones. Moderatly priced.
Corsets Jardiniere
Historically accurate corests in a variety of fabrics. Also offers Victorian Chemise's and skirts, Hoopskirts, Bum Rolls & Bustles.
Creative garb
Corsets. Historic fashion for men and women
C & S Constructions
Custom corsets specifically for tight lacing.
Custom Corset Pattern Generator
Just fill in your measurements and you will receive instructions for creating a perfectly fitting corset pattern.
Dark Garden
Wide variety of corset styles and fabrics to choose from. Custom made to your measurements
Delicious Corsets
Corsets, some with some unusual twists in terms of embellishment. Prices average to high (for custom corsets)
Delights of Venus
Custom corsetry in a variety of styles and fabrics.
Faernyns Grove
Offers gothic corsets and clothing, exotic corsets, fetish corsets, as well as renaissance and medievil clothing. They offer some really unique corset looks. Prices pretty fair.
Fantasia Corsets
Very reasonably priced. Historic reproduction corsets for under or outerwear
The Fitting Room Corsets
Custom corsets & corset making supplies
Gallery Serpentine
Gallery Serpentine (alternate site)
Custom made corsets in a variety of styles and fabrics. Very reasonably priced, even with shipping from Australia. Highly Recommended.
Gargoyles Clothing
Several corsets available from traditional to unusual. Prices reasonable, but come
premade in sizes s-xl. Not a custom fit.
Traditional and modern corsets & waist cinchers. Also skirts, dresses and tops to wear with your corset. Extremely good value. Australian site, with prices in AUS dollars, so USD go a long way!
House of Lillith
Corsets, Clubwear, Footwear, Accessories.
Isabella Costumiere
Custom Corsets specializing in velvets, brocades, silks and lace. Victorian and period costuming. Tight-lacing and fashion corsetry. A variety of fabrics available including embossed velvets.
Custom and readymade corsets. Located in Amsterdam.
Jurnecka Creations
Original, custom-made corsets. Also historical and fantasy costumes for men and women.
Kaufman-Davis Studio
Offers period corsets in 5 styles in 4 sizes. Also makes custom costumes for film and stage
LeChateau Exotique
Corsets and clothing from Skin Two, Syren, Stormy Leather and others. Over 300 silk, satin and leather corsets in stock.
The Lily Guild
Custom and ready-made corsets. Custom ones over $325-$350, ready made are just over $200+
Long Island Staylace Association
C&S corsetry. Corset advocate group. Corset resources.
Unique, affordable custom corsets. Available in a variety of fabrics including leather and PVC.
Milk made
Corsets available in a few different styles and lots of fabrics.
Modern Corsetry
Custom corsetry. Several styles and fabrics to choose from. Prices moderate.
Custom made corsets by one of the oldest German corsetmakers.
Noctimania Corsetry
Noctimania is a UK brand specialising in cutting edge corset design with a broad range of luxurious gothic corsets, all handmade to order.
One Wilde Knight
Custom corsets, costumes, leather and studwork.
The Other Woman
Contemporary corsetry formen and women. You can pick from a variety of colors, fabrics and customization options. All are customer built to your measurements.
Paul C. Leather
Fetish and trendy leather corsets. Nice work, and extremely reasonably priced considering this is leather here folks.
Period Corsets
Achieve that period silhouette with a period replica corset.
Puimond Corsets
Located in Toronto. Some pictures, but no prices on site for their corsets.
Ritual Designs
Original design corsets. No prices listed on site yet.
Victorian, underbust, baroque and other styles. I think their prices are fabulous for a custom corset.
Traditional and specialty corsets.
Sinister Designs
Custom leather corsets and accessories
Stormy Leather
Custom leather corsets. Nice looking, prices reasonable for leatherwork.
Many styles of corsets. Also clothing and hats available
Subvision Corsets
If you love web pages that flash,blink and animate, this is the site for you ! Once you get past the bothersome home page, there are some nice corsets to be had here. Custom work.
Talana Gamah & Ieish
Corsetry and other foundation garments done to your specifications.They can also produce historically accurate or influenced costumes.
Taissa Iada
Custom corsets and accessories. Small selection shown on website.
Corsets, PVC, fetish, wigs, cosmetics. They even have stuff for baby goths stuff like little scull rompers and barbed-rose dresses.
Twilight Attire
A few corsets available.
Underground Aristocracy
Their own lovely corset designs. Worth a look.
Underground Nation
Handmade Corsetry, rubber and pvc attire.
Venacava Design
Made to measure corsetry and waist cinchers. Currently offering 7 unique designs in satin, brocade, coutil, PVC, and leather. Beautiful designs. UK site.
Versatile fashions
Corsets, Catsuits and Fetishwear. Large variety of corsets in many styles and fabrics. Worth a look.
Victorian Corsets
Offers basic corsets in standard sizes and Specialty corsets custom made. Also offers Crinolines and pettipants.
Instructions on making corset patterns & constructing corsets. Info on wearing and caring for corsets, and the hazards of tight lacing.
Wasp Creations
Custom corsets created from their exclusive designs. Daily styles as well as Fetish styles.
Wholesale Corsets
Some of these fairly inexpensive. Off-the-rack corsets tho, not custom fitted.
Xcentricities Corsets
Custom corsets for every body. All custom corsets are steel boned. Priced reasonably for a quality corset.

The Lilith Bloodstone Series - Gothic Short Stories

The Lilith Bloodstone Series - Gothic Storytelling

The Lilith Bloodstone Series - Harry Potter for Goths


Bloomers 4U
Hand-made bloomers. Inexpensive.
Bloomers on the web
Various links to places you can buy bloomers.
Some different petticoats & bloomers
Glamor Boutique Petticoats
Petticoats, Makeup, False Eyelashes.
Nancy's Petticoat Junction
A small selection, mostly pastel colors.
Petticoat Pond
Petticoats of course
Small selection, but a few color choices
Promenade Petticoats
Many styles, lengths, fabrics and colors. Good one-stop shop for petticoats. Prices moderate.
Weddings for less
Some full, long slips in black to add a bit off extra poof to those long black skirts. Prices moderate.