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The Aesthetic
Beautiful clothing. Original ready-to-wear and couture clothing. Gothic and alternative mens and womens. Expensive, but lovely.
Accentuate Oddments & Accoutrements
Clothing and jewelry.
Ages of Elegance
Specializes in creation of historically accurate clothing. Satisfy your Victorian and Edwardian needs here.
PVC clothing. Mostly Lip Service stuff, but some other designs as well.
Clothing for guys and gals. Prices are listed in Euro.
Alienskin Clothing
Skirts,tops,dresses and coats. Gothic and Cyber. UK shop with reasonable prices. Their own clothing line; so not the same old stuff.
Alternative Gowns by Uptight Clothing
Historic, bridal and evening gowns in many styles and fabrics. Corseted gown styles. UK site. Worth a look.
A Noir - Heavy Red
World Famous corsetry by leading Goth designer Ondine. All steel boned, waist training, unique & deathly beautiful designs.
Arcane Lore Design
Cloaks and Capes. Gothic and fantasy gowns.
Art of Dark
German site with some really nice clothes, shoes and other goodies.
UK site. Unique designed clothing made to measure. Very moderatly priced for custom fitted clothing. Some really nice original designs.
Atelier Boz
Lovely fashions. Site in japanese so nice eye-candy unless you can read it or translate it.
Gorgeous original designs. Site is in Japanese.
Attitude Clothing
UK shop. Clothing and footwear. Small selection.
Azrael's Accomplice
Corsetry, cloaks, dresses, skirts, tops, custom costumes, accessories
and clothing for men

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Baby, The Stars Shine Bright
Gothic Lolita clothing. Just darling stuff. Site is in Japanese for the most part, but can still look at the gorgeous clothes even if you can't figure out to order them.
Back Seat Betty's
Specializing in fine vintage clothing and accessories from the 1920's thru 1970's.
The Baroness
Latex clothing for men and women.
Batgear Beyond
Clothing link site.
Bats Meow
Alternative fashion for kids.
Behind The Times
Renaissance and Gothic attire
Black Angel
Clothing by Sinister, Raven, Aderlass and others
Custom clothing for men and women. Affordable corsets.
Black Rose
UK shop with lots of clothes for women and men. Dresses,pvc, tribal tees, skirts & shirts, trousers. Some prices high.

Blooddrop Clothing & Fineries
Dresses,corsets, tops. Custom victorian jacket for $100.
Bluegirl designs
Bustles, side hoops, bloomers, skirts.
Bone Church Gothic Clothing
Jeannie Nitros' site. See and purchase her fashions here. Gorgeous stuff, but be prepared to pay. Treat yourself to at least one of these fabulous outfits.
Castle Blood
Elegantly evil fashions. Order The Whole Costumers Catalog here.
Catastrophe Clothing
Custom made clothing in velvet and vinyl. Corsets and skirts
Cute and adorable Cthulhu shirts,mugs, and totebags. I just love Cthulhu :)
Chain Link Addiction
Mostly pvc stuff. Tops, skirs, corsets,dresses. Also some stuff for the fellas.
The Clothing Whore
Dresses, cloaks, kimonos,corsets. Very small selection, but appears to be quality stuff.
Club Gothic
Dresses,skirts, tops, corsets,gloves etc.
(updated link) Italian site with lots of wonderful clothing at fabulous prices.
Custom Victorian fashions as well as hats and headpieces. Very nice fashions affordably priced. Prices in Canadian Dollars.
Creative Garb
Historic inspired fashions. Custom made.
Crimson Empress
Tops, skirts,dresses and accessories. They have a lovely victorian bustle skirt available,very reasonably priced.
Specializing in all things Dark and Futuristic. Clothing for men and women. Stuff here I haven't seen elsewhere, and pretty reasonably priced.
Expensive tops, dresses,coats,capes,skirts. Only one or two items here that I personally might want, but not at these prices.
The Crypt
Clothing, leather, corsetry, footwear, jewelry and accessories

Cult Design
UK company. Cloaks, jackets, dresses, skirts, trousers and tops.
Wonderful, unusual cyber-fashions. They have a terrific shop in Camden market in London. Visit them in person if you have the opportunity!
CyberGrrl Shop
Clothing,petticoats,bloomers and accessory items. Check out the Strychnine Dress for $39.95!
High Tec Fashion. Metal Cyber-accessories. Interesting and not too badly priced concidering the material and workmanship.
The Dark Angel
UK company. Shirts, coats & jackets, Bodices, and Dresses.
The Dark Entry
Goth and punk clothing and accessories. Leather and fetish attire. Footwear and jewelry also.
Dark Side Creations
Latex fetish wear. All items custom made to fit you. Prices in Canadian dollars.
Dark Sun
Custom goth clothing. Sketches on site give you an idea of the types of clothing they can make. No prices listed, all custom so will need to inquire.
David Spain
Cyber metal fashions for men and women. You have to see this stuff, really unusual.
Delirium Clothing
Clothes for guys and gals,jewelry, accessories. Some hot topic stuff, some is their own design.
A bit of this and that. Shoes, clothes, wips, hosiery, makeup, vinyl and accessories. They carry things like Muro spiderweb boots and gasmasks. Have a browse.
Desire Clothing
Fashions in PVC, lycra and velvets. Nice designs. Canadian site.
Prices in Canadian Dollars.
I'm listing them because I love their embroidered tshirts from Nepal. Also carries sarongs, brocade fabrics, and some cool jewelry
Disorder Clubwear
Cyber fashions. UK site. Unique but pricey.
Divinity Designs
Clothing for gals. Nice designs, prices very reasonable.
Dragonfly Formals
Fashions of the past. Specializing in Edwardian and Regency Reproductions
Dragons Blood Creations
Romantic, medieval, gothic, historic, fetish and fantasy clothing. Original designs.

The Lilith Bloodstone Series - Gothic Short Stories

The Lilith Bloodstone Series - Gothic Storytelling

The Lilith Bloodstone Series - Harry Potter for Goths

Custom fitted Cheogosams.
Gothic dresses inspired by spiders, latin mystery, medieval fancies and reptillian flavours.
Emily Strange
Emily tees and accessories.
Enigma Fashions
Very nice gothic clothing. Moderate prices.
Exquisite Lass
Handmade Gothic Lolita clothing.
Exquisite Restraint
Corsetry for women and men. Ready to wear and custom orders. Gallery shows some really unique fabrics and designs.
Fierce Couture
Original designs. Limited selection, and expensive.
Mostly pvc clothing for women. Some stuff for men. Also corsets.
Fionaomcarin Fashions
Small selection for men & women. Some historically based fashions.
Flaming Angels
Gothic clothing for men and women. Also carries a wide variety of sleeves if you need to dress up an outfit. Great website design-you should definatly visit, even just to look.
UK site specializing in Georgian and Victorian gothic with lots of velvet, brocade and lace.
Forgotten Clothing
Original and handmade medieval, gothic, magickal, clubwear, wedding, formal, and fun designs made to order according to individual sizes
The Future
Alternative fashions for men and women. Goth, swing, punk, fetish; including shoes, clothing, makeup, wigs and accessories.
Dark, deviant clubwear and streetwear with a sci-fi futuristic edge. Some of the stuff looks like Dane, altho the site doesn't say that it is. Clothing for guys too.
Gallery Serpentine
Custom made historic and goth garb & Corsets. Imagine yourself in
a Victorian skirt made of PVC! Very reasonably priced, even with
shipping from Australia. Highly Recommended.
Gargoyles Clothing
Goth and club wear for men and women. Corsets, shoes, cloaks, jewelry,
makeup & hair, hats and others.
Some cute tshirts for gals.
Goddess Wear
Plus size apparel Clothing
Dresses, tops and skirts, cloaks & capes,jackets, gravestone rubbing t-shirts, & Hosiery
Gothic Asylum
UK site with clothing (mostly pvc),makeup, hair stuff and accessories.
The Gothic Factory
German site with gothic garb of men and women. They also have some home decor items like gargoyle toilet seats :)
Has a few tshirts,1 corset, and a few jewelry items.
Gothic Fashion sewing
Site devoted to clothing patterns that would make wonderful gothic garments.
Gothic Haven
Made to measure garments and corsetry. Also handmade jewelry.
Gothic Insight
UK Site. Clothing and medieval jewelry. PVC, fishnet, velvet, lace items plus makeup and hair colour. Has clothing for the guys!
Gothik Designs
Custom Celtic & Medieval Bridalwear. Lots of examples of their work, no prices on site as all work is custom on a comission basis.
Goth Shop
Gowns, neckwear and tops for guys and gals. Eternal Love and Lip Service stuff.
Gothic Styles
Lip service and Leg Avenue stuff.

Gothic and cyber clothing for her and him. Also shoes, boots, accoutrements. Good selection.
Gown of Thorns
Australian based original design clothing. US dollars go far in Australia, so don't let the prices scare you.
Grave Images
Tshirts & tank tops. Specializing in Death imagery: gravestones,skull and skeleton designs.
Gravestone Artwear
Products reflecting greavestone carving in New England. Tops, Cloaks, Scarves and Pouches.
Original design clothing. I just love their Betrothed gown (wish I could afford it!)
Gurlie Show Clothing
Original designs. Small selection.
Gypsy Moon
Darkly romantic apparel. Prices seem a bit high.
Heavy Red
Fashions for men and women. Dresses, tops, capes,shirts,hats, belts & bags.
Hellfire Clothing
Alternative and gothic clothing for boys and girls.
HFH Clothing
Unique cyber clothing. Wow. Some of these are really neat.
Hello Cthulhu
The most adoreable Cthulhu shirts available here.
Custom made skirts
House of Harlot
Fetish clothing in Latex and Leather, specialising in taylored, themed styles.
House of Ill Repute
One of a kind clothing and accessories in velvets, lace and PVC. Very nice stuff. Expensive.
House of Lillith
Corsets, Clubwear, Footwear, Accessories.
House of Whacks
Unusual fetishwear in PVC.
I' m Deranged Clothing
Basically a goth thrift ship. Inexpensive clothing for men and women.
In Dark Decorum
Clothing, Jewelry and furniture. Pinstripe jacket and skirt very nice for the corp goth. Plenty of clubwear and everyday wear.
Innocent Romance
Gothic Lolita custom fashions.
Ipso Facto
Clothing for men and women. Jewelry, footwear, accessories, cosmetics and wigs.
Iridescent Veil
Gothic designs. Small selection of clothing for men and women. Prices very reasonable.
Formerly known as Atrocities. Clothing designed for those romantic souls who dream of an existence in another place and time.
Kate's Clothing
UK site offering alternative and gothic garb for men and women. Prices decent. They have their original line, plus others by Lip Service, Dragonfly, and Mercy. I love the Pinstripe Fishtail skirt!
Custom clothing that your mother wouldn't approve of.
Kaysers Latex Company
Aussie company that makes latex fetishwear. Prices listed are in Australian dollars, so with the US exchange rate, you can get a real bargain.
La Crypte
French gothic clothing. Does have some bits in english; horrible to navigate site. All made to measure clothing
Lady Maeves Closet
Gorgeous custom clothing. Bustle skirts, gothic wedding, corsets.
Last Chance Saloon
Attire for the dark twisted deviants. Fetish-punk, tshirts.
Lilly's Legacy
Historically based designs for men and women
Gothic Lolita and Japanese style school uniforms.
Lip Service
"Pioneers of clothing for fashion freaks" Nothing new here. This is the website for Lip Service brand clothing
Lolo Goth
Original gothic fashion utilizing vibrant shades of red, blue and purple
Madame Le Goth
Original gowns,skirts, and tops. Also fetish wear. Prices reasonable.
Magic Velvets
Velvet cloaks
Medusa Clothing
Dresses,skirts,tops, corsets. Carries some cute shrugs, nicely priced.
Mighty Fine
Great babydoll tees and undies. Flash site, you should visit just to look.
Miho Matsuda
Wonderful gothic lolita fashion. The site is in Japanese , so you can at least enjoy the pictures of these great clothes
The Mission Boutique
Babydoll tees, Dresses, gloves, hosiery, vinyl, shoes and boots.

EGL and EGA clothing line.
Monster garden
Lip service clothing. Prices decent.
Alternative clothing for men and women
Mortisha Alternative Fashion
Clothing for Men and women. Also bags, jewelry, and hair.
Specializes in unique men's wear, has some women's wear. Gorgeous "Lestat" full lengh coat. These folks are in Australia, so the US dollar goes a long way.
Mozingo Designs
Clothing that combines styling features from the 11th century. Nice things, but expensive.
Nancy Black
Clothing for men and women. Original designs. Mostly pvc.
Clothing and corsets. Standard and custom sizes.
Latex fashions for women. Offers free shipping on all items.
German site. Clothing, veils, Accessories. Prices very reasonable. Love their Fairy top, and the bat Backpack.
Nocturnal Creations
Custom made clothing and corsets and anything out of your imagination.
Northbound Leather
Leather intimate and outerwear for women and men"
Nox Obscura
Gothic, Fetish and Cyberwear. Most of the site is in german, so crank up Babelfish to translate.
Omen Clothing
UK based designs. Alternative, gothic,tribal,cyber and PVC clothing.
Original Sin Fashions
Custom made period and fetish clothing.
Black tshirts with various mystical designs.
Gothic romantic plus-sized clothing. Expensive.
Phaze Clothing
Small selection of clothing for men and women. Some nice designs. UK site.
Expensive cyber fashions.
Plush Living
Rockabilly, goth & punk clothing and clubwear. Shoes and boots, vintage clothing too.
Extensive list of band tshirts, original shirts, New Rocks.
Purple Raven
Lovely clothing for women
Pyretta's Lair
Gothic Clothing, Accessories, Home Decor, Spooky Dolls and Rock Merchandise. Petite to Plus Size. Free Shipping and discount for new customers.
Queen of Goth
Made to measure clothing in all sizes. The Vamp dress in their bridal section is lovely.
Beautiful victorian clothing for women. Very reasonably priced.
Red Ankh
Gothic industrial fashion for men and women. Not a lot of items, but prices are decent and clothing looks nice.
Red Haze
UK Site. Goth and Clubwear. Hair Dyes, cosmetics, UV Body gels.
Red Skull
Cute tops and bottoms for men and women. Priced right.
Reflections of the Past
Vintage clothing and accessories from 1770-1920. The real thing, not reproductions.
Religious Sex
Clothing for women and men. Jackets, dresses, skirts, shirts, pants, shoes and boots. Very nice stuff, expensive.
Rose Mortem
Shirts, skirts, coats and gowns. Moderate prices.
Rose and Thorn
Gothic lolita fashions. Also has offerings on ebay.
Satin Shadow Designs
Elegant Clothing for any Century of your dreams for men & women. Lovely designs.
Cyber-goth designs for men and women.

SDL Designs
Medieval, fantasy and gothic gowns. Also a few corsets available.
Used/Nearly new gothic clothing and accessories for men and women.
Shadow Fae
Affordable gothic attire for all sizes. Nice full length Mandarin-style coat for $60-$85 looks similar to the one worn by Neo in Matrix Reloaded.
Siamese Dream
Hindu deity tshirts.
Silks and Velvets
One-of-a-kind garments, corsets, cloaks and gowns. Historic, fantasy, gothic, and movie creations.
Sinister Candy
Cute tanks and tees printed with Alchemical, woodcuts, and various text.
Goth clothing. Can order a cataloge from their site. Some of the items in their catalog are shown on the site. I visited them in Toronto, very nice and helpful. Clothing nice quality. Expensive.
Six Feet Under
Do it yourself guide to Gothic Fashion
Latex and PVC fashion
Alternative clothing available with several prints.
Spider's Web
PVC clothing, tights, shoes, jewelry and other goodies.
Spooky Kidz Clothing
Custom clothing big or small. Examples on site, no prices listed.
The Stranger
Cutting edge and alternative style. Yungfuktoi, no:wear, & Transmuters.
SubCulture Array
Clothes, shoes, jewelry and accessories. Some things reasonably priced.
Clothes for guys and gals. Some cyber-ish stuff & lip service
Expensive PVC garments.
The Tattered Fairy
Sells tattered tulle skirts.
Clothing by Dane, cosmetics, Craig Morrison bags and fuzzy clothing.
Texas Body Hangings
Many styles of cloaks and capes available in velveteen and wool. Expensive.
Corsets, PVC, fetish, wigs, cosmetics. They even have stuff for baby goths stuff like little scull rompers and barbed-rose dresses.
Tops & Bottoms
A few outfits in velvet and lace offered.
Vintage clothing & accessories from the 20's-40's. Expensive.
Truly Victorian
For sewging goths : Patterns from the 1840's to the 1890's
Mens shirts, cloaks, 1 dress offered. Also accessories like fans,gloves and parasols.
Small selection of PVC clothing
Vampire Wear
Vampire Wear tshirts. One of them is a yellow smiley face w/fangs that says: Have a nice day. Hope it sucks.
The Velvet Garden
Buy & sell new and vintage Gothic clothing, music and accessories
Full figured clothing for women sizes 14 and up.
Victorian Gothic
Corsetry, gothic, club, evening and darkwear for men and women. Custom bridal wear a specialty. Prices are listed in Australian dollars and include shipping. Prices good.
Victorian Wardrobe
Victorian clothing, corsets, jewelry, purses and parasols. Lovely selection of victorian clothing at reasonable prices.
Mythic clothing in velvets and silks for women and men.
UK site. Original clothing of velvet,pvc,leather,rubber and lace for mean and women.
UK company that sells fetish-wear in rubber, lycra and net. Also has some interesting corsets like the Warrior Corset which is leather with metal plates.
Plus size gothic glamour. UK site.
Goth and Cyber wear. Australian site.
HUGE german site with tons of goth garb for men and women. There are styles here I've not seen elsewhere. Page after page after page of lovely fashions. They also have shoes, boots and accessories.
Very expensive hand made recyled rubber design fashion.