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Accentuate Oddments & Accoutrements
Clothing and jewelry.
Anything But Typical-Jewelry
Neckwear, earrings and rings
Non-piercing body jewelry.
Arcadia's Gate
Hand made fairy wings for humans
Art and Artifact
Some nice historically influenced jewelry. Also clothing and accessories.
Unique metal designs. From rings to pendants to sculptures to custom metallic attire.
You can order The One Ring here from The Lord of the Rings. Gold, silver or Platinum. Really nice pieces.
Rings, jewelry, body ornaments, accessories.
Black Sunrise
Silver and Pewter. Armor rings. Leather masks and collars, vinyl and cloaks, Eternal Love dresses, T-shirts and more. Lots to look at here.
Bindis for all occasions.
Black Angel Wings
Partysupermarket sometimes has 22" Black feather angel wings for $9.99. Do a search on black wings to bring them up. NOTE: Not always in stock.
Body Art
Body/Face paint, glitter, temporary tattoos, & henna.
Camelot Enterprises
Beaded Jewelry and Feather Fans
Collections d'Abiose
Limited edition necklaces, gloves and accessories
The Dark Gift
High quality dental prosthetics.
Decarabia Gothic Jewelry
Chokers, Earrings, Brooches, one-of-a-kind offerings.
Dechoir Jewelry DragonWeave Jewelry Eyescream Jewelry
Unusual designs inspired by Art Nouveau, Victorian, Gothic and Ancient Egyptian designs. Reasonable prices.
Fangs, what else.

Jewelry, makeup & hair, hats, hoseiery, purses, belts. Goth and club wear for men and women. Corsets, shoes, cloaks & others. Jewelry
Pewter, silver, and beaded adornments
Gothic Chains
Handmade chainmaile jewelry and accessories for the darkly inclined.
Goth Rosary
Rosaries, keyrings, chokers, bracelets.
Grow your own Horns
DIY guide to making accessory horns.
In Dark Decorum
Hand mande gothic jewelry available. Expensive.
Jacqueline's Gothic Veils
Veils, ponytail veils, hair accessories, chokers and misc.
Jerry Burkhart Jewelry
Antique reproductions. Not costume jewelry, this is the good stuff.
Jewelry Rings
Vintage, estate, victorian styled rings. These are high quality gold or platinum rings with genuine gemstones.
Chainmaille hand ornaments, necklaces, tiaras, accessories and brassieres.
Love & Divine
Classical & Victorian era adornment
Luna & Solara Designs
Masks, hats, headdresses and veils
MarchÈ Noir
Original works in Silver and Steel.
Museum of Jewelry
Reproduction historic jewelry.
Sterling jewelry. Some nice stuff,prices reasonable.
Nighteshade Jewelry
Gothic Victorian Jewelry. Lace chokers, Circlets and headdresses (Custom work available)
Sterling silver jewelry, handmade masks and bags.
Parrish Relics
Original jewelry inspired by the Ornate & Lavish designs of Earthly Ages Past & Otherworldly Realms of Enchantment.
Poe's Attic
Mourning jewelry
Bindi's. Also henna and Mehndi supplies.
Raven Eve
Gothic and Victorian inspired designs. Beautiful necklaces, chokers, bracelets and earrings. This is nice stuff, not mass produced.
Red Fist Art Collective
Handmade jewelry and collars
Fangs and theatrical contact lenses. Also the site of the Vampyrnation homepage.
Spider in the Closet
Veils & hats, made to order.
Starr Fayrie
Affordable fayrie wings.
Sunspot Designs
Jewelry that celebrates the beauty of the shadows. Has some really nice necklaces in particular. Also has some cute anklets with ankhs and crystal beads.
High quality temporary tattoo kits
Victorian Charm
Victorian influenced jewelry.
Wild Eyes
Special effects contact lenses


Barrington Brolly
They make lovely parasols but they're not very gothic.
Frank Bee- Lace Parasol
Cheap lace parasols in a variety of colors for $19.95
Great Looks
Selection of reasonably priced parasols
Saras Parasols
One style available, but can get in a few different colors and trims. $35.00

The Lilith Bloodstone Series - Gothic Short Stories

The Lilith Bloodstone Series - Gothic Storytelling

The Lilith Bloodstone Series - Harry Potter for Goths

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Theatrical contact lenses
a.g.f. Pages
List of homepages of those that freqent the newsgroup.
Alchemy Gothic
Watches, rings, pendants, clocks, hair accessories, dishes, tankards, walking sticks, picture frames and much more.
The Alley
Accessories, aromatherapy, posters, postcards, stickers and 3-dimensional art. FAQ
Read the FAQ about the newsgroup, then get on the newsgroup! (I post under "Lucretia" on AGF)
Amazing Lenses
Special effects contact lenses
Azure Green
Metaphysicl, Witchcraft and Occult supplies. Jewelry, candles, books, ritual supplies.
Black Angel Wings
Partysupermarket has 22" Black feather angel wings for $9.99. Do a search on black wings to bring them up.
Blood Bubbles
These are like regular bubbles but more fun, they leave "blood" splatters wherever they burst. They will wash out of most fabrics.
Spiky latex designs by Craig Morrision. Rucksacks, bags, pouches, and furniture.
Buny's E-Fabrics
For sewingoths. Specializing in brocades, velvets and pvc.
The Castle
Our goth niteclub in Tampa, Florida
Castle World
Goth theme decor, dinnerwear, clothing, jewelry.
Corporate Goth
Nice site with resources for goths trying to blend with the corporate world.
Special effects contacts
Cuddly Cthulhu
Custom made stuffed cuddly Cthulhu spawn.

Dark Emporium
Have you wanted goth cutlery? How about wall sconces and candlebra's? Walking sticks? Clocks? Have a look at this UK site. All sorts of goodies you don't see everywhere else.
Dark Playmates
Gothic dolls and accessories. They're really adoreable. Have a look.
Dark Reflections
Black mirrors, scrying spheres&mirrors, skull and serpent frames and candle holders.
Custom latex wings.
Armwarmers and legwarmers.
Dragonfly Design Studio
Inflatable Bat wings available. Wing span approx 6' for $14.95. Also has stripy tights and spider web tights, shirts and dresses.
Dragon Wings
Handmade fairytale dolls and marionettes. Also feather hats, masks, wings, feather fans, belts and bustiers.
Embossed Velvet       Stamping On Velvet
Both of these sites have DIY info on embossing info. The first one is non-commercial, the 2nd one has stamps and velvet to purchase for your project. By following the instructions, you can emboss velvet with any pattern you like.
Ebay store that carries a lot of nice brocade fabrics for your sewing projects.
Faerie Couture
Fairy wings
Reallly nice faerie wings. Please have a look.
Faeries, Ink
Faerie wings and other accessories to bring out your inner faerie
Fairy and Angel wings. Also jewelry, glitter and other things faerie.
Faerie Tree
Faerie wings and accessories
Fairy Wings by Sea
Fantasy Wings
Gorgeous wings. Expensive.
Suppliers of corseting and hoopshirt supplies.
Fetish on a Budget
Great guide for those looking to dress expressivly on a budget.
You can get the Gothic & Lolita Bible here.
Ghoulie Babies
One of a kind Ghoulie dolls and plushies.
Gloria Gerber
Stainless steel and textured rubber bags. Expensive but really cool.
Gorey Details
Edward Gorey items: Jewelry, books, journals, notecards, tshirts.
Goth Style
Goth style guide. Basic wardrobe, tips for the BudgetGoth, Painted faces, Baubles and Bats.
Gothic Auctions
Bid on goth books, clothing, accessories, jewelry and misc.
Gothic Beauty
Quarterly published gothic fashion magazine. Subscription info available here.
Gothic Fashion sewing
Site devoted to clothing patterns that would make wonderful gothic garments.
Gothic Martha Stewart
DIY home decor for the morbidly inclined.
Gothic Resources
Artwork, culture, music, people, writing, events, businesses.
The Gothic Shoppe
Gothic accessories. Cigarette holders and cases, Hair care products, jewelry, artwork, music and books.
Graveyard Fashions
Decorate Darkly. Gothic home fashions.
Halloween By Mail
Halloween, Dia de los Muertos and spooky home decorating stuff.
Hell's Belles
Bags, briefcases, clutches and overnight bags. Mostly in pvc, nice styles available for the corporate goth.

Horns, Grow your own.
DIY guide to making accessory horns.
The International Gothic Club Listing
Goth Nightclubs
Jacqueline's Gothic Veils
Veils, ponytail veils, hair accessories, chokers and misc.
Jaded Minx
Carries cute Demonia handbags: bat and coffin shapes, skulls and crosses printed on them.
Mad Chicken Town
Day of the Dead items and some other weird stuff.
Mexican Sugar Skull
Here's all the stuff you need to make Day of the Dead Sugar skulls and chocolate skeletons. Also some Day of the Dead folk art.
The Mission Boutique
Black feather wings here
PowerGoth Girls merchandise
Shirts,bags,mugs,mousepads & posters featuring the PowerGoth Girls: Glitter, Simone and CattyGoth.
The Purple Store
Purple things. Clothes, housewares, shoes.
Saints and Sinners
Metal Cases with variety of gothic style graphics for your ID, ciggies, Contact Lenses, Lipsticks, and condoms.
Serrated Smiles
Custom cast theatrical fangs and teeth.
Queen of Caps
Cute anime inspired hats. How about a nice winter hat with ears or bat wings? Can find them here.
Shaddow Domain
Mugs, posters, housewares, toys, adornments and other goth like accoutrements.
Spunky Punk
Fun baby clothes. How about a Leopard shirt dress with lepoard cuffs?
Starr Fayrie
Affordable fayrie wings.
Tattooed Demon
Purses: coffin and corset shapes, also Bug spikey bags.
Thee Basket Boo-tique
Creates unique gift baskets for the dark at heart.
Baby Goth goodies. Stuff like little scull rompers and barbed-rose dresses.
Vanessa Jean
Duct tape designs. Really! Quite nice purses made out of different colors of duct tape.
Weeping Willow Designs
Wings, horns and head wreaths.