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Gothic Fun in the Sun

By Victoria Van Dyke - February 2008.

There seems to be a stereotype that goths must be pale and spend all their time in the dark like a vampire.

I don't think this is the way it should be. In fact, according to my research online, Gothic Bikini Contests are all the rage...

And frankly I'm not surprised. In 2001 Marilyn Manson's video "Tainted Love" featured bikini clad goth models in a hot tub. The bikini has become a staple of western culture and sexuality on the beach, in the hot tub or wherever you want.

The idea of gothic bikini contests is simple: Gather together a large group of goth chicks and see who has the best bikini. I firmly believe the emphasis should be on the fashion design of the bikini and not on the individual looks of the model. So in my mind gothic bikini contests should have same models on a catwalk displaying all the bikinis one at a time.

If you do it the traditional way the emphasis becomes focused on how hot and sexy the model is and the bikini itself could look like crap (as you will see by looking at some of the images shown here).

Part of the problem with gothic bikinis and swimwear however is that there is not a lot of people who actually make them. The standard fare is just a plain black bikini (yawn!) or a black bikini with skulls or bones on it (smaller yawn!).

[Right: "Touch the Water" by Canadian photographer Mike Wood.]

Some of the bikinis out there that are being marketed as gothic are actually more "pirate" than anything else.

Another option is to buy lingerie or bondage wear that is water resistant and wear that as a swimsuit instead, but to me that feels a bit like I'm cheating.

So for true haute couture goth swimwear you really only have two options left: Find a goth seamstress and hire them to make you a gothic bikini that is custom made, or... make your own.

Which frankly isn't that hard.

There is a tonne of "Make Your Own Bikini" websites out there, many of them which recommend reusing old clothes you don't wear anymore, using unusual fabrics, knitting your own bikini out of yarn or even just knotting strips of fabric together.

But I don't think that is the end of it. Unlike a normal bikini you can also add accessories:

Metal studs.



Dangly bits.

Ruffles (you could make a gothic lolita swimsuit).

Corset stitching.

Buckles and clasps.

Embroider images on it (I recommend using tattoo designs).

Don't limit yourself to the old skulls and bones. Think crosses, celtic motifs, aces of spades, barb wire, broken hearts, black roses, slogans, spiderwebs, lace, leather, latex, pleather and more.

There is quite literally an endless variety out there fashion wise and it sickens me that the goth community hasn't realized the potential to make more outrageous fashion statements on the beach.

One Last Note: If you're planning to wear your makeup on the beach remember to find makeup that is water resistant and doesn't wash off easily.

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